Information on selling your home..


What is needed and from whom?


Most people statistically buy and sell every 5 – 7 years.  The rules and regulations, and consequent paperwork pertaining to property transactions change from time to time.  There is a lot to be attended to and it must all be completed correctly.


I encourage you to use a Solicitor or Conveyancer.  If you do not have one, I can introduce you to several in the area that specialise in conveyancing, and can offer you competitive rates.


I liaise with your solicitor/conveyancer, who in turn prepares the Vendor Statement and Contract of Sale.  The Vendor Statement, or Section 32, must be available to a purchaser prior to any sale in the State of Victoria, by law.  Ideally, these are produced when a property is offered for sale, in order to be in a position to receive offers immediately, without the delay of waiting for paperwork.


I also liaise with your solicitor/conveyancer to produce a Section 27 Statement, allowing the early release of the deposit.  This is important when the settlement date exceeds 30 days.




I will at all times keep you informed of the progress of the sale.  Feedback to the vendor is important, allowing informed decisions to be made at critical times during the sale. 


I report to you after every inspection and will gladly discuss the progress of the sale with you at any other time.


If you have a query at any time, please contact me.





It is important to point out to all prospective vendors that a properly prepared advertising campaign is essential if you are to obtain the correct exposure and the best results.  I have many ways to promote your property to ensure the target market is reached with a minimum of cost to you this includes a bigger ditigal footprint. Click on this link to find out more:


Depending on your property other media should also be considered.  I will ensure the right choice to best cover your target market.




A detailed leaflet should be prepared.  This will be distributed at inspections, sent upon enquiry and otherwise distributed to generate maximum promotional impact. 




The right display board is most important.  It is working for you 24 hours a day.  Enquiries from a ‘For Sale’ sign means the prospect is already part sold on your property. 




The Internet is the only way to achieve constant exposure of your property 24 hours a day to people everywhere – down the street or across the world.

  •   The


I am a personalized Real Estate Agent charged with the responsibility to work closely with you to ensure the best possible result.




  • Have your property looking its best at all times.


  • Keep your gardens neat and clean.  Have the shrubs trimmed, the garden beds weeded, the lawns mowed and the edges trimmed.


  • Sweep away leaves and cobwebs.


  • Clean and dress up your windows and wash your curtains.


  • Keep your home tidy – not as a furniture store display window, but as a comfortable home in which to live.


  • Clean up the garden shed and other storage areas and empty out the garbage.


  • Fix up minor faults such as cracked windows, loose or missing knobs, sticking doors, dripping taps, broken light switches, etc…  Little things like these can make a house look neglected and hard to show and can often kill the sale.


Please contact me on 0418 509 722 if you have any questions or need more information.